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In the field of PLM, CAx, IoT and digital transformation

Experience for over 20 years

ECS Engineering Consulting & Solutions GmbH is regarded as one of the specialists in the field of PLM, CAx and IoT and digital transformation. The essential elements of our PLM and CAx consulting are method development, the introduction of the corresponding systems, the migration of PLM and CAx applications as well as support in the creation of an integrated collaboration platform from various systems that you can make available to your users, suppliers and cooperation partners, the integration of cross-domain applications consistently and bi-directionally from ERP, PLM, SCM and MOM systems.

The service portfolio also includes strategic project analysis, process and application consulting, development of solution concepts and IT architectures, as well as the implementation of customer-specific adaptations and commissioning, and training and support of PLM and CAD/CAM systems.

Our solution architects develop customer-specific IT solutions based on PLM, ERP and company-specific IT systems for the productive implementation and digitization of your business processes. In doing so we take into account your company and project goals as well as the corresponding user requirements from all areas of your company. We design the solutions with consideration of optimal economic implementation, taking into account the best possible system usage and high user acceptance.

Partner for Siemens Industry Software

As a reseller and partner for Siemens Industry Software, our focus is primarily on the products Teamcenter, NX, Polarion, MindSphere and Mendix. Our technical specialists offer comprehensive know-how in these fields and provide you with competent and comprehensive advice in the selection of systems and system modules. Consultations in the form of project assessments and workshops ensure customer-specific, budget-oriented and efficient solutions.

PLM Consulting

In the run-up to a PLM introduction, the focus is placed on fundamental product-independent issues. These above all place the emphasis on the general necessity and commercial added value of such an investment and, in doing so, highlight all strategic and economic aspects.

Subsequently, a critical analysis, and if necessary, optimization of the PLM-relevant business processes is highly recommended, in particular if essential processes and communication methods will be changed through the intended new launch or planned system change.

In this context, current procedures and structures in the engineering environment are critically examined with respect to their usability for future requirements. It is important to expand the perspective in terms of alternative progressive methods, which for instance have already been tried and tested in other customer projects.


Our integrated consulting approach supports and accompanies you from strategy, and technological consulting, down to finding solutions and implementation. We provide you with integrated consulting know-how combined with our innovative methods, as well as clearly defined services. This guarantees quick solution finding and optimum achievement of objectives, documented by us in a strategy paper.

Together with our customers, we work on the development and implementation of solution strategies, as well as on the generation of competitive advantages based on best practice recommendations. In many years of experience, we have perfected the ability to develop and implement successful strategies as quick as possible and we consistently deploy this know-how for the benefit of our customers.

In addition, we also provide consulting in the development and implementation of solution strategies in the field of Middleware/SOA.

ROI/TCO Analysis

Transparency, from budgeting down to the final implementation, represents a big challenge in project planning. A significant success factor is the coupling of the processes of budgeting, project implementation and commercial controlling. Only if these factors are in place can the expenditures from project planning and project implementation be efficiently consolidated and controlled.

The ROI calculation is an important instrument in making investment decisions in the budgeting process. The expected ROI should not only be considered in the budgeting phase, but should be observed over the entire course of the project (TCO) and represent a control parameter. This requires uniform linking of the actual costs with the original requirement.

We offer you a review of the cost calculation processes, compare your processes with proven standard processes and reveal possible optimization potentials. At the same time, we identify weak points and risks and work out a prioritization for possible processes. As the result, you receive documentation in your company layout, identifying the improvement potential in your processes and containing all the information on which the presentation is based.

In addition, we also provide consulting in the review of cost calculation processes in the field of Middleware/SOA.

Process optimization

During the process analysis, we utilize the “method of structured analysis” to work out rough and detailed concepts. This scientific approach allows for the definition of systems, interfaces, information flows and processes, as well as the linking to company targets and organization units. Apart from the actual situation, we prepare a target concept on the basis of this information, whereby each step of modeling is visualized.

On the basis of a technical reference structure and its connection to the process model, the result of a process management project can be used for the development concept and the detailed specification of a system.

In addition, we also provide consulting for your process analysis in the field of Middleware/SOA.

Methodological consulting

Our experienced PLM consultants draw on a rich foundation of different methods for efficient and flexible product development. They have acquired this knowledge from a wide variety of successful introduction projects and optimization projects at well-known customers from a wide range of sectors in the discrete manufacturing industry.

In the context of creative idea workshops, previous processes of our customers are critically reviewed in terms of their suitability for new product developments, and assessed on how they are in line with the company strategies defined so far. This assumes a high degree of readiness on the part of the customer to open up perspectives and if necessary leave well-trodden paths.

Due to our option of a product-neutral or product-specific analysis, emphasis is placed on the following issues:

  • Order-relevant product structures for individual production
  • Integrated project control in product development
  • Generic product structures for series production
  • Uniform and transparent revision management
  • Efficient data exchange with suppliers
  • Synchronized product development with external parties


The IT landscape in companies is becoming ever more diverse. In this environment, the development of integration tends more and more towards SOA. In this, classical point-to-point interfaces between systems are replaced by a flexible rules-based middleware concept.

Our specialists in the field of SOA like SAP NetWeaver, WebSphere, TIBCO, Tomcat and so on support your projects with the help of the latest state-of-the-art technologies. They not only develop and configure the necessary interfaces to your SOA platform, but also optimize your business processes to implement them in your systems in the context of a business process management.

We have many years of experience in implementing successful integration projects at our customers on the basis of standard or open source solutions. Our range of services includes all phases of your projects, i.e. from the strategic product-neutral pre-analysis, via the detailed planning (consulting) down to the product-specific realization with the accompanying roll-out.

PLM Realization

With the decision to introduce or change to a specific PLM standard solution, a series of important steps are necessary before the actual installation, which will have a significant effect on the subsequent success of the project. In addition to a forward-looking and methodical project management, which ought to accompany a project during its entire operating period, conceptional considerations should be made with respect to a sensible IT technical implementation of functionalities to be realized.

In the subsequent implementation, detailed system specific knowledge is required, along with a high degree of know-how from a wide variety of customer projects. This way, the solution is not only found quickly and without errors, but is also kept flexible for future adjustments and updates.

Last but not least, the roll-out represents a particularly critical milestone for every initial and follow-up project. Here, it is important to sensibly coordinate all required individual activities chronologically, without overlooking important measures, and to be able to react to unforeseeable events.

Project management

Many projects fail or are delayed because of a lack of planning and organization. We have made it our objective to guarantee a secure and high-quality execution with cross-departmental project management. You are supervised in detail by a project manager who, in close cooperation with you and those involved in the project in the different segments, is responsible for planning, organization and quality assurance. We plan and manage your project, from the strategy stage to its company-wide introduction.

We furthermore provide support for change processes resulting from PLM migration and/or implementation projects with our Organizational Change Management (OCM) methodology.

In addition, we completely revise problematic projects. Together, concrete phase objectives, as well as detailed activity plans and milestones, are defined for a timely review of all resources deployed. By means of successes that can be attained in the short term, positive effects on the motivation of all project employees are achieved. The objective is to at an early stage recognize undesirable developments through technical project support, continuous communication with all those involved in the project and through the function as a coach, and to agree with you on relevant measures to counteract these.

In addition, we also support you in project management in the field of Middleware/ SOA.


In the context of strategic tasks, we develop a uniform concept of the application solution for your company with you. We identify the character and extent of the measures necessary to achieve the right degree of IT deployment for your company. In this context, we concentrate on the organizational and technical levels, as well as on the process design.

In order to implement this concept, we evaluate the necessary individual models or complete solutions, and combine these, if necessary, with valuable extensions by third-party providers.


Implementing a software solution is a complex and multi-step process. On the basis of the concept prepared, selection of appropriate software and best practice solutions, we help you in introducing and implementing the agreed steps. This involves the mapping of technical requirements into the new and existing software and software environment. Apart from the installation and integration of the system (including interfaces), the necessary training and test concepts are developed hand in hand. Simultaneously to the technical implementation, the necessary steps are taken to adjust the organization and the processes.

The objective is to use our experience in the field of software implementation to avoid typical error situations and weak points and thus guarantee a solution that lies within budget.

In addition, we also provide you with support in implementation in the field of Middleware/ SOA.

Training and Roll-Out

The use of new applications results in extensive changes for the entire organization and in potential benefits. In order that the benefits released can be fully exploited, the software introduction process must be analyzed from this perspective.

In general, users want to work with a new software solution directly and without errors. However, switching to a new software solution usually initially causes a reduction in user productivity due to changed processes and user interfaces.

In order to minimize this loss, it is essential that the roll-out of the new software solution is prepared systematically. Apart from training, this also includes individual consultation of users to demonstrate the personal benefits for the individual. In addition, the specific potential benefits should be demonstrated to individual technical departments and the required new features should be explained.

On the basis of our many years of experience, we help you plan and implement the impending roll-out of your new software solution. We not only review the concept and the chances of success, but, if necessary, also optimize the roll-out with you.

We offer our roll-out consulting as part of your PLM project or as a separate service in the event of an individual problem solution.

In addition, we support you in the roll-out in the field of Middleware/ SOA as well as Organizational Change Management (OCM).

CAx Consulting

To support overlapping design-, engineering-, development-, and manufacturing-tasks as well as requirement arising from topics like internet of things and Industry 4.0 the consistent use and availability of CAx systems throughout the entire product development and manufacturing process and the connection to the PLM backbone is crucial.

With a harmonized data platform, an integrated system landscape as well as consistent process and information flows (Development to manufacturing machine), you can shorten your innovation cycles, even though your products become more complex, increase your flexibility within the production and improve your resource efficiency. To design and optimize these processes and customize your IT systems to your specific needs is our core competence.

CAD Consulting

  • Implementation of NX CAD environment
  • Management of complex cooperative relations within an international environment
  • Collaboration and Collaboration management of CAD data exchange
  • Data import and export in the range of Development and Engineering
  • CAD-/JT-Dataexchange
  • Implementation of Multi-CAD-environments and migration of NX and CATIA data
  • Optimization the coexisting of various existing CAD systems
  • Integration of computing and simulation throughout the development process
  • Integration of CAD Systems into Teamcenter PLM

CAM Consulting

  • Analysis of the existing manufacturing working method
  • Integration of NX CAM into your operational manufacturing process
  • Extension of working methods with the possibilities of NX CAM
  • Creation of machine kits with post-processors and NC code simulation
  • Optimization of the PLM-CAD-CAM-CNC-tools-machine chain where appropriate
  • Identification and implementation of new NX versions and features
  • Integration of tool databases
  • Integration of NX CAM into Teamcenter PLM

Trainings & Workshops

  • Geometric construction and modelling
  • NX Update and CAD-Trasition Trainings
  • Basic and advanced trainings
  • Customer-specific workshops
  • Management of large assemblies
  • Milling and turning
  • Professional workshops

PLM Migration

When moving from an existing to a new software solution, it is necessary to migrate not only the data, but also the processes to the new application.

For your successful and efficient migration, we offer you our methodologies, tools and consulting services, which we have accumulated through many years of experience in large national and international projects with our customers.

Process migration

Migration does not only lead to changes in the data that need to be migrated but also to changes in the processes of the respective technical departments in their daily work. Therefore, a detailed analysis is necessary, which reveals the specific process changes and their effects on the company. For the preparation and implementation of your migration, we offer you checklists, procedures, methodologies and our experience gained from national and international projects.

Data migration

We offer you active support in the processing or migration of your legacy data from all types of systems. Our service portfolio includes consulting for upcoming projects, as well as the complete project management. The transfer of legacy data represents a special challenge in every project, since “old” data almost never meets today’s requirements without additional processing steps. Our specialists have specific know-how on the planning and deployment of your legacy data migration and use very powerful tools when implementing this

App development with low-code

High demands on the speed of application development, portability to different systems and end devices, connection to third-party systems as well as support of IoT platforms while maintaining high solution quality require an adequate answer.

We are able to handle this for you and together with you by using low code application development.

With our own experienced team, we can identify and fill existing gaps in your systems and business processes through low-code app development. Low-code platforms provide the cloud-based framework to create cost-efficient and future-proof solutions at unprecedented speed, which are at the same time flexible in terms of scalability and design. The users in the specialist departments can be integrated much more closely, using agile development methods.

Existing barriers between IT systems, domains, technologies and organizations are overcome. The building blocks available enable, among other aspects, the elimination of shadow applications, the establishment of a uniform application platform and the rapid connection to your existing PLM, IoT, ERP and MES systems. We support you in breaking down existing data silos and seamlessly integrating your processes. In doing so, we rely on the leading low code application platform Mendix. With the use of our own ECS adapters for Teamcenter and SAP, we provide you read and write access from Mendix to the relevant systems and (PLM) business information.

Your advantages

  • Develop new products and business models faster on a uniform platform and react very quickly and pragmatically to changing company and customer requirements
  • Create applications agile and cost-effectively even for extraordinary requirements to win internal and external customers. This will in return stabilize and expand your business
  • Increase operational efficiency through timely innovations, rapid automation and digitalization of processes
  • Reduce software service costs and effort through optimized, proactive maintenance
  • Leverage flexible and open APIs and ensure integration with your existing enterprise software as well as new technologies
  • Increase your own independence and flexibility by eliminating conventional software releases, updates and individual programming efforts

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