Investing in the future - Every tree counts


As a family-run company, we are taking our social responsibility serious and are making an active contribution to environmental protection. For this year's customer Christmas campaign and in line with the motto of our 25th anniversary "Shaping The Future Together", 250 trees have been planted in Lüdenscheid in cooperation with PLANT-MY-TREE®.

It is estimated that trees can bind a global average of about 10kg CO² per year. The 250 trees we have planted will, therefore, bind large amounts of CO² in the coming years, play a crucial role for biodiversity and contribute to the ecological footprint.

In regard to our valued customers, business partners and suppliers outstanding partnerships and long-term relationships are always our main focus, hence, with this tree donation, we would like to make a long term contribution to an intact nature and a healthy environment that is worth living in, for all of us and our future generations.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, good health and a Happy New Year!

Your ECS Team